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Crystal clear recordings analog and digital, great engineers and a well-stocked bar. All ingredients for a beautiful end result.

A good mix is ​​an essential part of a song's success. We mix our own recordings, but also your songs made at home.

The final touch to a song done by a mastering engineer. We can provide this mastering, but also outsource it to a specialized studio.

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The SSR Studio is located in Rijen in Brabant in a modern business building.
A wonderful spacious control room and a very spacious recording space, large enough for a small orchestra.
The well-known 'Brabantse' hospitality goes without saying.

The SSR Studio team is specialized in all facets of the recording business. Whether you want to perform with an karaoke tape or have a complete production made ... everything is possible.
Of course a full band recording is possible. Drum kit is ready to go.

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